Fabric Pre Filter
for Pool Skimmer Basket

What is Clear Skim®?
Clear Skim® is a fabric pre-filter which is placed in the skimmer basket. Made of high quality microfiber yarn, it withholds micro litter, thereby keeping the pool water clean and protecting the pump.

Comes in boxes of 12 for easy storage..

Fabric Pre Filter
for Pool Skimmer Basket

With much finer netting than the basket skimmer.

Clear Skim® thereby enables more particles to be caught, so the main filter is not overburdened. As well as this, far less chlorine and other chemical products are needed as levels of dirt and debris are minimized.

A smart filter for every skimmer pool!


It can be used on all basket skimmers up to 25cm in diameter, with or without handles. It traps dirt and debris such as hair, small leaves, pine needles, insects, residues from sun cream and suntan oil and other small particle solids such as pollen, sand, etc. which float on the water surface. It simplifies the tedious job of cleaning the basket and protects the pump.
The specially made and interweaved yarns and fixation system guarantee optimal results.



  • An easy to use, indispensable pool and spa accessory that simplifies maintenance and saves you money.
  • Νo more cleaning skimmer baskets.
  • Pool maintenance becomes easier and less frequent
  • Main filters can be cleaned at longer intervals
  • The pump is preserved in good condition as well as the overall pool system


ΤPlace the fastener (which is T-shaped) in the bottom of the basket.

Before inserting Clear Skim®, you may wish to add a chlorine tab.
When inserting Clear Skim®, stretch and pass the elastic Clear Skim®, around its top edge.

Re-attach the handle and insert the basket, fitted with Clear Skim®, into the skimmer